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4/14/19 - Pastor Mike Rose

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Pat AnastasiaPeople's ChurchAshtabula, at the cross, Alliance Churches, Ashtabula County, Angels, almighty, awaken, Alliance, Amen, saving grace, Passion, Savior, hallelujah, salvation, Father, father, saved by grace alone, Satan, family, saved by grace, Hallelujah, Lake Erie, Family, gates of heaven, Pastor, #atthecross, path to heaven, Faith, Heavens Gate, Heavenly Father, beautiful, peace, heavenly father, #faith, praying church, Praises, heavenly, praying hands, chaanged, beauty, Real God, #PastorRose, Heaven, Heavens above, Heaven's Door, peaceful, prayer meetings, prayer family, heavens, Prayer, deacons, CMA, heaven path, Heavens Door, deaconesses, Salvation, Salvations Army, Salvations Gate, Gates of Hell, Real Difference, FCA, cma, fca, Heavenly, Real people, #PastorMike, Heavens, Heaven's Doorway, Praise, Pray, grace of God, prayer warriors, change, Grace, #gatesofheaven, Change, #savingsouls, Prayer Group, creation, Heaven's Gate, Creator, Creation, cm&a, #heaven, creator, morality, #heavenlyfather, immacilate, creator of heaven and earth, Me and Prayer, morals, creations, Me and Jesus, Me and my savior, Great are You Lord, Great Name, CM&A, Praying Pastors, Me and God, Pleasing, pleasing, #healinghearts, The Alliance, Sunday Services, Sunday Service, God and me, you and God, Sunday, come as you are, #comeasyouare, #ourfather, come as you are church, my chains are boken, lord and savior, Our Father, #lordand savior, Prayer Chain, Praying, A Praying People, Praying People, A People Praying Together, you and The Lord, Geneva, Geneva Church, Geneva City, Geneva-on-the-Lake, geneva churches, Geneva Churches, Geneva Area, holy name, soul saver, Holy Name, #soulsaver, Jesus and me, #bestpastor, #GenevaCommunity, He is Alive, His Grace, young adults, spiritual, Missionary, Missionary Church, Missionaries, Christ Alone, christ alone, kind hearts, Christian & Missionary Alliance, Your Great Name, helping hand, church prayer, a, God's creations, young adults bible study, hopegeneva, broken chains, Lenten season, devil defeater, #hopegeneva, living in peace, City of Geneva, Future Christians of America, worthy of his grace, Peoples Church Family, churches in Geneva, only by his grace, churches in geneva, churches of geneva, Churches of Geneva, Holy is the Lord almighty, Peoples Church Geneva, quest for salvation, winning, Word, wooden cross, Worthy, worthy of his love, His Will, old wooden cross, #hiswillbedone, His Will Be Done, Holy Word, blessed word, Wonderful God, Evil, Reverend, lent, Believer, Lent, Believe, Mercy, service time, service times, Jesus, reverends, Hepling, helping, He is King, peoples, people of god, Peoples Church, He is Risen, O God of Jacob, Peoples Church Community, rejoice, Rejoice, rejoicing, pepole, rejoice in his glory, rejoice in the lord, Sermons, sermon, Lenten, teens youth group, helping others, Jesus is God, blessed fruit, blessed, bless, blessed fruits, Benevolent, blessed be, #bestreverend, plenty, blessings, blessing, The Devil, Blessed is He, #PeoplesChurch, #Peopleschurch, The Lord, The Rock, The Body of Christ, the good book, The Cross, #helpingothers, blessed love, life, Life, #blessings, Ushers, ushers, love, Love, Home, together, #thebodyofchrist, #Sremons, #thegoodbook, Bible, #life, Bibles, Bible study, #live, BibleThumper, bible thumper, #love, hope, kindness, #hope, His Mercy, Journey Youth Ministries, His People, Justice, Churches, nonjudgement zone, #Godlovesu, Church Services, Church Service, #GodsLove, Holy Bible, #godsolovesus, #godsolovesu, #godsolovesme, His Children, #Godlovesyou, no judgement zone, #ChurchLife, Holy is the Lord, god so loves you, church time, soul provider, kids mimistries, living in hope, living in love, Cross, Our King, Lord God, Burning Bush, Lord of Victory, cross, Christ, lord, glory, Church Community, #Church, #glorytogod, Victory is His, Victory, #glorytoGod, His Glory, Holy Lord, holy spirit, Youth group, Holy Spirit, Coming Lord, kid ministry, community church, Church of God, kids ministry, Lord, young, Holy, Holy God, holy holy, holy, Godly, Community, Community of God, holy holy holy, God is Holy, Mission, Missions, OH, Oh, ohio, Ohio, Soul, God, god, God's, GOTL, Gotl, Child of God, soul, host, Host, God Is, Communion, Gods, kids, KingComment
The Cross

4/07/19 - Pastor Mike Rose

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Pat AnastasiaPeoples ChurchAshtabula, a, A People Praying Together, Alliance Churches, Ashtabula County, awaken, at the cross, A Praying People, Angels, Alliance, Amen, Passion, Salvations Gate, saving grace, Savior, hallelujah, Father, father, saved by grace alone, Satan, Salvations Army, family, salvation, Hallelujah, Gates of Hell, Family, gates of heaven, Pastor, #atthecross, Lake Erie, path to heaven, Faith, Water into Wine, Prophets, Apostles, Aposstle, exalted, Zechariah, Hebrews, Genesis, Obadiah, Exodus, Psalms, Thessalonians, Mark, Mathew, Luke, John, Matthew, Missionary, Missionary Church, Mercy, Me and God, Missionaries, Mission, Me and my savior, Missions, Me and Prayer, My God, morals, morality, Me and Jesus, My eternity, Eternity, Ezra, Acts, Romans, Ephesians, Philippians, Corinthians, Galatians, Colossians, Timothy, Titus, Philemon, James, Peter, Jude, Jesus, Jesus is God, Jesus and me, Journey Youth Ministries, rejoice, rejoicing, rejoice in his glory, rejoice in the lord, Rejoice, no judgement zone, Justice, His Will, O God of Jacob, nonjudgement zone, Holy is the Lord, His Mercy, holy spirit, He is King, He is Risen, Holy, Home, holy, His People, helping, hope, His Children, Holy God, His Will Be Done, holy holy, holy holy holy, Holy Spirit, His Glory, Hepling, Holy Lord, host, Host, Heavenly Father, Heavens Gate, helping others, Holy Word, heavenly father, Heavens above, Heaven's Door, Heaven, heavens, heavenly, Holy Bible, Heavens Door, Heavens, heaven path, Heaven's Gate, Heaven's Doorway, holy name, helping hand, hopegeneva, His Grace, He is Alive, Heavenly, Holy is the Lord almighty, The Devil, #hiswillbedone, The Lord, Church of God, ohio, Christ, The Cross, FCA, fca, Future Christians of America, Holy Name, Church Community, Ohio, Church Services, Revelation, Revelations, Malachi, Haggai, Habakkuk, Nahum, Micah, Jonah, Amos, Joel, Hosea, Daniel, Ezekiel, Lamenations, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Song of Solomon, Solomon, book of, Proverbs, Job, 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We Each Have A Place

3/31/19 - Chaplain Bob Wido

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Pat AnastasiaPeoples ChurchAshtabula, at the cross, Alliance Churches, almighty, awaken, a, Ashtabula County, Alliance, Amen, saving grace, Savior, hallelujah, Father, father, salvation, saved by grace alone, saved by grace, Hallelujah, family, gates of heaven, Pastor, Family, #atthecross, path to heaven, Lake Erie, Faith, Heavenly Father, heavenly father, beautiful, #faith, praying church, praying hands, heavenly, peace, beauty, Real God, #PastorRose, prayer meetings, prayer family, Prayer, deacons, CMA, heaven path, FCA, deaconesses, #gatesofheaven, Real Difference, cma, fca, prayer warriors, change, Grace, peaceful, heavens, Prayer Group, grace of God, #savingsouls, Praying Pastors, Change, Real people, Pray, creation, #PastorMike, Me and Jesus, Creator, morals, cm&a, #healinghearts, creations, CM&A, #heaven, morality, Pleasing, creator, #heavenlyfather, immacilate, Me and my savior, Me and God, creator of heaven and earth, pleasing, Me and Prayer, you and God, you and The Lord, God and me, The Alliance, Geneva, come as you are, geneva churches, #lordand savior, #comeasyouare, come as you are church, Our Father, Geneva-on-the-Lake, #ourfather, Geneva Churches, my chains are boken, lord and savior, Jesus and me, holy name, #soulsaver, soul saver, #bestpastor, young adults bible study, #GenevaCommunity, young adults, Missionary Church, Christian & Missionary Alliance, Christ Alone, kind hearts, spiritual, broken chains, God's creations, church prayer, christ alone, hopegeneva, helping hand, Lenten season, #hopegeneva, living in peace, only by his grace, Future Christians of America, devil defeater, Peoples Church Family, City of Geneva, churches of geneva, churches in Geneva, Geneva City, churches in geneva, Churches of Geneva, Geneva Church, Holy is the Lord almighty, Peoples Church Geneva, wooden cross, winning, old wooden cross, blessed word, Word, Holy is the Lord, Holy Word, holy spirit, Holy, Home, holy, hope, holy holy, Heavenly, Heaven, Heavens Gate, Heaven's Gate, Heavens Door, Heaven's Door, Heaven's Doorway, kid ministry, kids, kids mimistries, lent, life, Life, Lent, love, Lenten, Love, living in love, living in hope, lord, Lord, Lord God, #love, bless, #life, #live, plenty, glory, blessings, blessing, blessed fruit, blessed, blessed love, blessed be, blessed fruits, Believer, Blessed is He, holy holy holy, Holy Spirit, helping, helping others, Holy God, Holy Lord, #glorytogod, #glorytoGod, Believe, #blessings, Holy Bible, Soul, GOTL, Gotl, Hepling, #helpingothers, soul provider, Bible, Bibles, BibleThumper, Peoples Church, peoples, pepole, Peoples Church Community, #Godlovesyou, bible thumper, Bible study, The Lord, #PeoplesChurch, #Godlovesu, #Peopleschurch, #godsolovesus, #GodsLove, #godsolovesu, #godsolovesme, #ChurchLife, god so loves you, God is Holy, rejoice in the lord, rejoice in his glory, Rejoice, soul, Sermons, sermon, #Sremons, Ushers, Jesus, Missions, host, Host, Gods, Jesus is God, Cross, #bestreverend, cross, ushers, Christ, teens youth group, Churches, The Cross, reverends, #thebodyofchrist, The Body of Christ, kindness, Journey Youth Ministries, God's, Passion, #hope, Youth group, ohio, Ohio, Oh, OH, young, Community, God, god, community church, no judgement zone, nonjudgement zone, rejoice, rejoicing, #thegoodbook, the good book, Church Community, Community of God, Child of God, His Children, He is Alive, He is Risen, The Rock, Burning Bush, Reverend, #Church, King, He is King, Our King, Communion, Benevolent, Missionary, Missionaries, Mission, Victory, Victory is His, Lord of Victory, His People, people of god, Godly, God Is, Heavens, Heavens above, Angels, Satan, The Devil, Evil, Creation, Mercy, His Mercy, Justice, His Grace, His Glory, His Will, His Will Be Done, #hiswillbedone, together, Coming Lord, Great are You Lord, Worthy, worthy of his grace, worthy of his love, Praise, Praises, Sunday, Sunday Service, Sunday Services, Church Services, Church Service, service time, service times, church time, Church of God, Great Name, Your Great NameComment