The Mystery of Provision

Most Christians I speak with would readily state they believe God is our provider. I would say the same. When things are going well, yay, God is providing. But what happens to our demeanors when life gets more difficult, when the bills aren’t paid, the relationships are broken, and we’e struggling?

The people of Israel faced that same question repeatedly. Sadly, much like us today, they tended to forget the perfect timing of God and resort to grumbling and self-salvation. Even after the miraculous deliverance from Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea, and food literally from above, grumbling replaced trust, mutiny replaced faith, and fear overtook hope. Why? Because the people were thirsty and they wanted water RIGHT NOW.

Read Exodus 17, pay special attention to how the Israelites are coping and how Moses responds to their complaints. Now take a few moments to thoughtfully compare the heart condition of the Israelites to Paul’s response to suffering and uncertainty in Philippians 4: 10-20.

Let’s come before the Lord and submit to His provision. Together we say, “Lord, we trust in You. We have no doubt you will meet our needs, according to Your perfect will and Your resources.”

We give up our right to grumble and live in radical faith that He is in control. We affirm He indeed is in control, and He does provide, sometimes in unexpected ways, always in perfect fashion. We say boldly, “Lord, Your timing is better than ours.”

As we pray, let’s pray with an eye toward how God is providing. Reflect on His previous provision. Remember how you felt as you walked that path, only to be surprised at how He brought things together. Lay down your needs before Him, submit to His timing as you walk in renewed confidence.

Today, we rejoice in God our provider. He is enough. We will trust in Him.

Michael RoseComment