"I need to hear from you"...

“God, I need to hear from you, where are you?”

Truer words are rarely uttered in our desperate times of need and trouble. We’ve all been there. We wonder what to do, where to go or how to move on. We long to hear God give us a strong word of courage and hope. We lean in, waiting for Him but struggle to figure out what He’s saying.

Asaph, one of King David’s chief musicians seemed to know that struggle all too well. Read Psalm 77 slowly, Try to imagine what Asaph must have been dealing with to feel so low. Asaph was so troubled, he was unable to speak. He was hurting but he had not given up. There are three things we might observe as Asaph worked through his troubles.

  1. In the midst of trouble, Asaph knew to turn to the Lord, to cry out to Him alone. He knew God would hear his cry. He had the faith we are to demonstrate when we walk through the valleys. We turn to the Lord first, trusting He’ll add to us what is needed. We can trust that He is listening.

  2. Asaph dares ask God the hard questions. He doesn’t understand why he has to face these challenges and he asks God what’s going on? Has God decided to torture me, has God’s love faded away, has He forgotten me? Asaph asked each of those questions from a place of sincere vulnerability. He had an active relationship with God that was clearly a two way street. He knew God was listening to Him and Asaph was listening for God.

  3. Asaph then declares a bold truth: “I will remember the deeds of the Lord';” Asaph doesn’t know how things are going to be fixed but he does know what God has done before. Asaph reorients his attitude toward the provision and might of God. He recounts what God has done and seemingly is renewed with courage. As he remembers what God has done, Asaph is reminded that God has not forgotten him and will work again, according to His Way. Asaph finishes the Psalm with “You led Your people…” It’s as if suddenly, after recounting the mighty works of God, Asaph declares, “do it again Lord, I trust in You alone, You are enough.”

How do we face times of trouble? Turn first to the Lord. Embrace Him, unafraid to tell Him it doesn’t make sense. Remember what He has done, and rest in Him (Come to me, Jesus tells us, and He will give us rest).

Let’s make time to embrace God in prayer, no matter how tough life gets. Remember what He’s already done, write it down. Ask Him your questions, and let Him grant you soul refreshing, deep peace. May we find comfort in His listening ears, His patient discernment and His wondrous deeds. He’s right here. He IS with us!

Michael RoseComment