Join us on a Prayer Journey

I want to invite you on a prayer journey with our church family from today through Easter. Each Wednesday, you’ll see a new post with some reflections on the mandates of a praying church. The church is created to be a people of prayer and we’re ready to answer that call with renewed fervor.

Read the Scriptures included, spend time meditating on God’s word, and rely on God to stir in you how to live out His Truth today. May we be doers of God’s word. May we listen to the Holy Spirit as He guides us in Kingdom living. May our community be transformed as we engage in prayerful dependence on our King.

Read Philippians 4: 4-7 slowly.

Notice Paul starts this section by saying “rejoice in the Lord….” At the heart of what Paul says is we rejoice in the fact that Christ is our Lord. He is our King, He is the one true God, He is at work. We must be in the habit of rejoicing in Him constantly. When He rules our lives, we are living the lives we have been created to live. These lives are full of purpose and meaning, going beyond ourselves by living in a way that honors God as we care for our world.

We apply this simple truth to every area of life: we rejoice that Christ is Lord over all, including us. We therefore rejoice in Him, not in ourselves. Our perspective grows beyond what we see to Who He is and who He is making us to be.

One aspect of the traditional observance of Lent is to give up something. This fast of something significant is to remind us of the unmatchable sacrifice of Christ that gives us life. This year, we’ll take things a step further. Philippians 4:7 calls us to give up our rule of us, to surrender. Christ is Lord. Our lives our in His hands. We will submit to Him. We give up.

As we spend time with our Lord in prayer this week, rejoice in Christ. Take time to reflect on why He is the true ruler of this world and of us. And let us pray that we would live in such a way that He is Lord. Let’s give up, together.

Michael Rose