Worship Ministries 

Worship TEAms

Our worship teams lead music each week for our Sunday services. The gifts and talents that God gives us are best used for His glory, and the worship team gives you an opportunity to use your musical gifts to worship God and serve the church. 

  • Instrumental - use your musical abilities to help provide an atmosphere of worship through the playing if your guitar, drum, bass, or other instruments. 
  • Vocal - use your singing talents to help the lyrics of our songs be clear and impactful. 
  • Creative Worship - gives you an opportunity to share personal music, poetry, recite Scripture, or other artistic expressions of worship in a way that honors God. 

Tech Teams

Our tech teams lead behind the scenes, or more accurately, from our elevated sound room in the back of the sanctuary! They have the important role of providing an atmosphere of worship each week both visually and audibly.

  • Sound - provide a clear blend of live music for the church as we worship, work with a digital sound board and modern equipment, create an atmosphere of worship by providing sound that attracts and helps the church focus on God.
  • Media - use various types of media to provide a visual worship experience, work with computers, ProPresenter, projectors, and screens, and provide on screen song and sermon presentations for the service. 

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